Taylor Services

Cable Wall Drop

Cable Wall Drop Wall fish with cable of your choice.
Cable wall fish using the right type and size cable for a new outlet to fit your needs.

Cable Wall Drop services start at $65.00.

Taylor Services

Home Wireless Set-up

Setup wireless home network with client supplied wireless router or access point. Purchase options available. First eight wireless devices connected free.

Add Device to Existing Network

Add wireless device to existing wireless network. Verify all devices specified connected. Discount for multiple devices.

Printer Set-up

Setup wireless printer on existing wireless network, and verify specific devices function as expected.

Internet, TV and Landline Phone Service Call

Troubleshoot home internet, tv or landline phone service before you call tech support. Avoid the frustration of not understanding their support staff. We can call tech support on your behalf, the customer must be present, and go through the necessary troubleshooting, schedule a technician and be there when the technician arrives if necessary.