About Taylor Services

After being a communications technician and carpenter for many years, including a few years with a major telecommunications company and in the Navy. After working in the public sector, I have become annoyed by how customers are treated by some companies. Sloppy wiring, damaging their homes and placing devices in the wrong place. Making customers feel ignorant, frustrated and costing them a lot of time and money

This is where I come into play. I take a common sense approach to home electronics layout and home repairs.

Take a look at our Services page and think of all the time we can save you. Also look at our Personal Services to see that you don’t have to call “Tech Support” we can troubleshoot your connections for your TV service? We’ll come to your house and do the basic troubleshooting before calling tech support. Many times, the issue can be resolved in less than an hour and without that dreaded call to tech support.

Taylor Services

Furniture Refinishing & Repair

We will take your past-down furniture to restore to your specifications. Sand / chemical stripping of old finish and refinish.

Furniture Stripping

Remove old finish to client specifications using chemical or sanding methods.

Furniture Repair

Repair or mend furniture to good operating service. We will use existing parts and repair or create new parts to return your furniture in good working order.